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Fireproofing Services

GER offers a comprehensive array of fireproofing sealant application and services for commercial properties.

Fireproofing Services GER Provide

  • Penetration Sealings

    Our experts create fire-rated seals around pipes, cables, ducts, and other penetrations, maintaining the integrity of fire-rated barriers. These seals prevent the passage of fire and hot gases, preserving structural stability.

  • Fire Wrap Installations

    We expertly install fire wrap systems that create fire-rated enclosures around pipes, ducts, cables, and other penetrations. These systems are designed to contain fire and heat, ensuring that the structural integrity of your property is maintained during a fire event.

  • Fire Collar & Compound

    At GER, our fire collar and compound installations are vital components of fire safety, dedicated to ensuring your property's protection during a fire emergency. Fire collars and compounds create robust barriers around penetrations in walls, floors, and ceilings to prevent the spread of fire and smoke.

  • Framework & Fire Batt Installations

    At GER, our framework and fire batt installations play a crucial role in bolstering fire safety measures for your property. These installations are designed to create robust fire-resistant barriers within structures, helping to prevent the spread of flames and smoke. Our services include: Framework Installations, Fire Batt Installations, Structural Integrity, Code Compliance, Customised Solutions and Regular Maintenance.

  • Cavity Barriers

    At GER, our cavity barrier installations are an essential component of fire safety, designed to prevent the passage of fire, smoke, and hot gases within concealed spaces or voids within your property. Cavity barriers are critical for maintaining compartmentalization and fire resistance. Our services include Cavity Barrier Systems, Enhanced Compartmentalisation, Protection for Structural Integrity and Code Compliance.

  • Passive Fire Protection

    We offer passive fire protection solutions that include fire-resistant doors, fire curtains, and fire seals for openings and penetrations. These components help contain the spread of fire and smoke, allowing for safe evacuation.

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Explore Our Mastic Applications

If you're looking for comprehensive protection not only against fire but also against the elements, be sure to explore our Mastic Applications. From external weatherproofing to interior sealing, GER Construction provides a full spectrum of services to fortify your property. Click the button below to learn more about our Mastic Applications and discover how we can safeguard your property inside and out.